Video of Cripton and Renata Traveling around the World

Italian Speaking.


Cripton and Renata will show to you the particular beauties of Tennessee.

Country music, the American legends and many other special features seen through the eyes of an Italian and a Brazilian citizen around the world.

Nashville in Harley Davidson

Cripton and Renata on board of a beautiful Harley Davidson show you the beauty of Tennessee and the story of the legendary American brand of motorcycle.


Cripton and Renata follow the myth of Elvis Presley.

Las Vegas - Episode 1

Cripton and Renata on 458 Ferrari enjoy the Las Vegas strip and the most famous and beautiful Hotel and Casino.

Las Vegas - Episode 2

Cripton and Renata, Las Vegas by night

Las Vegas - Episode 3

.Cripton and Renata at the little white chapel. Wedding in Las Vegas.