Come See About Me
A show in wich Magic blends with real life. 
Cripton will show you the most incredible, original and exclusive illusions and will talk about his career and how much magical is his private life.
In this show you will discover the other face of the illusionist. 
Get ready to live a show full of emotions that start on the stage and continue on his social media (Facebook and Instagram).
Emotional and motivational entertainment suitable for international audiences
of all ages.
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The Sense of Magic

In this show Cripton Magic will show you the most incredible magic experiences in the various fields of magic to get to discovery the true Sense of Magic.


A show full of emotions where everything that is magical becomes real and everything that is real becomes magical.


Emotional and motivational entertainment suitable for international audiences of all ages.

Illusions Show

Cripton and Renata will amaze and delight you with their skill and professionalism in making real the illusions.


The speed, precision and elegance of the execution, the music, costumes and charisma of Cripton and Renata make the Illusions Show a unique and excellent experience.


The show is suitable for audiences of all ages and nationalities.


The show is in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.

Ocean Magic Show

Ocean Magic is a 45 min. show of mentalism, close-up magic, comedy magic and escapology.


Cripton will accompany you in the main "islands" of the "great ocean" of Magic.


In this show Cripton will show his ability to read the mind of the audience, to predict the future, the capacity to call the spirits on stage, his ability to escape from a straitjacket and 20 meters of steel chain locked with padlocks .


In the finale of the show a judge will be read the Cripton prediction and everything that has happened on the stage.


25 min. of Magic Show in Pirates style.


Illusions, stage magic and comedy.


Elements is a 50 min. show of great illusions, acrobatics and dance.


The four elements of the life in an extraordinary production's show.

Double Levitation

Cripton and Renata promo reel of  the Double Levitation in the Stardust theatre of the Norwegian Jade. 

Cripton Magic "The Mentalist"

June 24th, 2015.


Live a fantastic experience.


In his show of mentalism, Cripton will not use any illusions but will amaze you just using the power of his mind.


Daily we use only 20% of the brain's potential.


To use more potential the brain requires a power surge that in normal situations can not have.


When we are in a dangerous situation, in a state of excitation or in deep meditation, inside our bodies occur a series of chemical reactions that produce the energy needed to fuel the brain and increase its capacity.


This is what happens on the Cripton Magic mentalism show.


He will put himself in several dangerous situations to be able to increase his mental ability and then he will be able to perform in incredible experiments of mind reading, hypnosis, prediction of the future, telekinesis, etc. etc.


The question is : It's that real ????


The answer arrive when Cripton .....  Ok, you have to live it to believe it.


Don't miss to live this incredible experience.


Cripton Magic is: The Mentalist